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ADR Training Courses In Bristol

Enterprise run remote ADR training courses delivered online over the zoom platform, with exams at our Bristol centre. SQA still requires drivers to sit their examination in one of our test centres.  Examination sittings are at the Bristol centre on Fridays.  The Exam is multiple choice and taken on a computer, with results given on the same day.

Remote courses run Monday to Thursday, depending on Drivers’ requirements.  CPT and 7 Classes attend remotely Monday – Thursday.  CP & 7 Classes without Tanks attend Monday – Wednesday remotely. Drivers who need a refresher course attend Wednesday & Thursday. Candidates are entitled to up to 14 to 28 Driver CPC hours, 7 hours for each zoom day attended.  JAUPT charges an £8.75 fee for every 7 hours of CPC uploaded. All candidates will attend ADR training courses online and sit their examination on Friday at one of our venues.

The Bristol ADR Training venue is just 2 minutes from Gordano Services at M5 Junction 19, making it ideal for the whole Bristol area, especially the industrial areas of Avonmouth and Portbury.

ADR courses are also held nearby at Gloucester, and Cardiff.

Enterprise has 30 venues offering regular ADR Training Courses.

How To Find Us

Bristol Address

Abbots Leigh Village Hall
6 Church Road
Abbots Leigh

Contact Details

0161 494 2836

Next Bristol ADR Courses
Full Courses: 

Monday 8th January – Friday 12th January

Monday 29th January – Friday 2nd February
Monday 19th February – Friday 23rd February
Monday 11th March – Friday 15th March
Monday 8th April – Friday 12th April
Monday 22nd April – Friday 26th April
Monday 13th May – Friday 17th May
Monday 10th June – Friday 14th June
Monday 24th June – Friday 28th June
Monday 15th July – Friday 19th July
Monday 5th
August – Friday 9th August

Refresher Courses:

Wednesday 10th January – Friday 12th January
Wednesday 31st January – Friday 2nd February
Wednesday 21st February – Friday 23rd February
Wednesday 13th March – Friday 15th March
Wednesday 10th April – Friday 12th April
Wednesday 24th April – Friday 26th April
Wednesday 15th May – Friday 17th May
Wednesday 12th June – Friday 14th June
Wednesday 26th June – Friday 28th June
Wednesday 17th July – Friday 19th July
Wednesday 7th August – Friday 9th August