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ADR Training Courses In Telford

Enterprise holds regular ADR training courses in Telford. It is only necessary to attend the venue on the Friday, as ADR training is now delivered in a virtual classroom using zoom. This method was introduced during the pandemic and proved so successful that it has continued to be the preferred method of both drivers and companies afterwards.

The SQA, who oversees ADR training, stipulates that candidates must take their ADR examinations in the classroom. Exams are held on a Friday under invigilated conditions. Candidates attend the rest of the course on Zoom from home. If candidates do not require the tanks module, they only have to attend Monday – Wednesday, taking the exam in centre on the Friday. Candidates who require the tanks module attend Monday – Thursday. If drivers only require a refresher course, these are available on Wednesday & Thursday, with the exam in centre on Friday. The ADR courses enable attendees to qualify for 7 Driver CPC hours for each zoom lesson attended (additional charge of £8.75 upload fee per 7 hours from JAUPT).

Located just a couple of minutes from M54 Junction 6, the Telford ADR centre provides an easily accessible for candidates in the Telford, Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton, and Stafford areas.

There is also a regular programme of ADR courses at West Bromwich and Crewe.

Enterprise runs ADR training courses at 30 locations on a regular basis.

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Ketley Community Centre
Holyhead Road

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0161 494 2836

Next Telford ADR Courses
Full Courses:

Monday 11th March – Friday 15th March
Monday 22nd April – Friday 26th April
Monday 24th June – Friday 28th June
Monday 5th August – Friday 9th August

Refresher Courses:

Wednesday 13th March – Friday 15th March
Wednesday 24th April – Friday 26th April
Wednesday 26th June – Friday 28th June
Wednesday 7th August – Friday 9th August