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Operator Licence Awareness Training

OLAT Man and Laptop

Transport Manager Compliance

The 1-day OLAT course gives Transport Managers and their staff an understanding of Operator Licensing.

£195+VAT, with additional delegates attending at half-price.  

Meets Traffic Commissioner Requirements

All Enterprise OLAT Courses comply with the standards stipulated by the Traffic Commissioner.

Upon completion, a Certificate of Attendance is issued.

OLAT Manager Circle

Operator Licence Awareness Training

The Operator Licence Awareness Training course (OLAT) covers the wide range of regulations that a Transport Manager is responsible for.

Operators have responsibilities including maintaining online records, drivers hours, driver licensing, and vehicle maintenance. Operators need to be compliant and, as importantly maintain such records as to be able to demonstrate compliance. Knowledge supported by procedures and systems helps to ensure operators comply with their legal undertakings.

Attendance is often upon the stipulation of the Traffic Commissioner and is often a condition of obtaining or retaining an Operator Licence.

Operators sometimes attend prior to interacting with the Traffic Commissioner to show demonstrate that their knowledge is current and that they are committed to meeting the requirements of their Operator Licence.

Many Operators find the course to be the easiest method for ensuring that all their Transport Management team keep abreast of the multitude of requirements for running a compliant transport operation.

The course costs £195+VAT. Additional delegates may attend at half price.

Introduction To The Benefits


1 Day Remote Course

The convenience of attending remotely using Zoom. 

Industry Experts

OLAT courses from the UK’s largest trainers of Transport Managers.

7 CPC Hours

The course is accredited by JAUPT for 7 Driver CPC Hours.

Meets Traffic Commissioner Guidelines

Run in accordance with the Traffic Commissioner guidance. 

Courses Every Week

Regular programme of courses to choose from.

Attendance Certificate

Certificate of Attendance issued upon course completion.

OLAT Calculator and Glasses

ONLY £195 +VAT

Get your knowledge into shape now!







OLAT Training Course Content

The objective of the day is to give a comprehensive overview of the Operator Licencing requirements whilst at the same time allowing Operators to discuss specific issues faced by their businesses.

Operator Licencing System

Operator Commitments

Maintaining Online Records

Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS)

EU Drivers Hours

Working Time Directive

Workforce Agreements

Record Keeping


Driver Licencing

Vehicle Maintenance

Road Traffic Management and Enforcement

Speed Limits & Traffic Regulations

International Aspects of Transport

The Authorities & Public Enquiries

Dealing with the Traffic Commissioner

Frequently Asked Questions