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ADR Training Courses In Sheffield 

Located close to the motorway, the Sheffield ADR venue makes it easy to attend one of our regular programme of ADR training courses. The content element is attended using zoom so that candidates enjoy the convenience (and cost savings) of only needing to attend the centre once, on the Friday, to take their exams. Exams are taken on a computer with an invigilator present to safeguard the integrity of the qualification. Results are the same day.

Drivers taking an initial core, packages, tanks, and 7 classes course will be required to attend Monday to Thursday’s remote sessions, then Friday in classroom for exams. 28 CPC hours can be claimed at a cost of £35 upload fees. If tanks are not required, the driver only attends the Monday to Wednesday remote sessions and the Friday exams, enabling 21 CPC hours to be claimed at a cost of £26.25. Refresher candidates attend a remote course on the Wednesday and Thursday, leading to the in-centre exams on the Friday. 14 CPC hours can be claimed for this.

The Dronfield location of our Sheffield ADR Training venue provides easy access from Sheffield, Chesterfield, and the peak district. Its proximity to the M1 allows access for candidates from a wide area.

ADR training is available nearby at Leeds, Doncaster, and Nottingham.

Enterprise currently offers ADR training at 30 locations, with more planned.

How To Find Us

Sheffield Address

Dronfield Peel Centre
High Street
S18 1PX

Contact Details

0161 494 2836

Next Sheffield ADR Courses
Full Courses:

Monday 11th March – Friday 15th March
Monday 8th April – Friday 12th April
Monday 22nd April – Friday 26th April
Monday 13th May – Friday 17th May
Monday 10th June – Friday 14th June
Monday 1st July – Friday 5th July
Monday 22nd July – Friday 26th July
Monday 12th August – Friday 16th August

Refresher Courses:

Wednesday 13th March – Friday 15th March
Wednesday 10th April – Friday 12th April
Wednesday 24th April – Friday 26th April
Wednesday 15th May – Friday 17th May
Wednesday 12th June – Friday 14th June
Wednesday 3rd July – Friday 5th July
Wednesday 24th July – Friday 26th July
Wednesday 14th August – Friday 16th August