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Transport Manager Courses

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Pass Your Operator Licence Transport Manager Exams with Enterprise

As the UK’s largest trainer of Transport Managers you can trust Enterprise to give you the best chance of passing.


Choice of study methods ranging from Online Self Study to Intensive Courses. Bespoke manual. Online learning library and multiple choice question bank.

Everything you need to pass!

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The Transport Manager Qualification

There are 2 types of Operator Licence, Restricted, and Standard International.

There are also 2 different categories of Operator Licence, dependent upon whether the Operator is seeking to transport goods (Road Haulage) or people (Passenger Transport).

To operate vehicles for hire and reward, the operator must have the Standard Operator Licence.

To obtain a Standard Operator Licence, the Operator must have a Professionally Competent Transport Manager identified. The Transport Manager must hold an Operators’ Certificate Of Professional Competence. The Certificate of Professional Competence is gained through demonstrating knowledge by passing 2 examinations.

Transport Manager Multiple Choice Examination

  • 60 Questions
  • 120 Minutes
  • Multiple Choice – 4 Answers
  • Pass Mark of around 42 (70%)
  • Morning examination 10:00-12:00

Transport Manager Case Study Examination

  • 60 Marks
  • Pass Mark Around 30 (50%)

  • 135 Minutes
  • Short Form Answers, Scheduling & Costing
  • Afternoon examination 13:00-15:15

Why an Enterprise Transport Manager Course?

20+ Years Experience

Experience and a culture of ‘continual improvement’ has made Enterprise market leaders.

UK's largest trainer of Transport Managers

Hundreds of Candidates train with Enterprise every year. It’s why we can offer such a choice of training options. 

Bespoke Offering

It’s 100% Enterprise Training material. We don’t buy off the shelf materials and ‘badge-them’ as our own.

Choice Of Examination Venues

17+ Examination Venues across the UK at every sitting.

Individual Road Haulage and Passenger Options

We have sufficient Candidate Numbers to have tailored courses for both Road Haulage and Passenger options.

Value For Money

A Transport Manager will be responsible for organising a lot of training throughout their career. We need to impress them!   

Transport Manager Examination Dates 2023 and 2024

  • Friday 8th December 2023
  • Friday 8th March 2024
  • Friday 7th June 2024
  • Friday 6th September 2024
  • Friday 6th December 2024
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Enterprise Training Package


There’s something for everybody!

We all learn differently. Some candidates prefer to be in a ‘live’ group. Some prefer to watch, pause, and rewatch our library of sessions. Some learn best from books. Some like audio files to listen to whilst driving or walking the dog. Some learn from question practice.

You decide which suits you best!

Days, Evenings & Weekends

Multiple Choice Question Bank of 1000+ Questions

Bespoke Study Manual

A5 Quick Reference 'Keyfacts Guide'

Model Answers to Past Papers

Online Video Library

Voiced Over Presentations

Audio Downloads

Mock Exam Days

Tutor Support Throughout

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