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ADR Training Courses In Pudsey

Pudsey delivers ADR courses every month using the Zoom platform. This saves time and money as students attend the majority of the course remotely.  The ADR examinations are taken at our centres.  Exams are multiple-choice and completed on a computer.  Results will be given at the end of the day.

Core, Packages & 7 Classes candidates attend Monday – Wednesday remotely, coming into the exam centre on Friday.  This option is eligible for 21 CPC hours. Core, Packages, Tanks &  7 Classes candidates attend Monday – Thursday remotely, coming into the exam centre on Friday. This option is eligible for 28 CPC hours. Refresher candidates attend Wednesday & Thursday remotely, coming into the exam centre on Friday.  This option is eligible for 14 CPC hours.

The Pudsey premises are located at Stanningley, just inside the Leeds ring road, providing easy access to candidates from Leeds, Bradford, Keighley, Harrogate, and the wider West Yorkshire area.

As the UK’s largest ADR training provider, Enterprise offer a choice of over 30 ADR training venues.

ADR courses are also held locally at Leeds Cross Green and Oldham.

How To Find Us

Pudsey Address

Unit 2, Milestone Court
West Yorkshire
LS28 6HE

Contact Details

0113 467 9822


There is free onsite car parking and plentiful free on-road parking.

Next Pudsey ADR Courses
Full Courses: 

Monday 15th January – Friday 19th January
Monday 5th February – Friday 9th February
Monday 26th February – Friday 1st March
Monday 18th March – Friday 22nd March
Monday 15th April – Friday 19th April
Monday 29th April – Friday 3rd May
Monday 20th May – Friday 24th May
Monday 10th June – Friday 14th June
Monday 8th July – Friday 12th July
Monday 22nd July – Friday 26th July
Monday 12th August – Friday 16th August

Refresher Courses:

Wednesday 17th January – Friday 19th January
Wednesday 7th February – Friday 9th February
Wednesday 28th February – Friday 1st March
Wednesday 20th March – Friday 22nd March
Wednesday 17th April – Friday 19th April
Wednesday 1st May – Friday 3rd May
Wednesday 22nd May – Friday 24th May
Wednesday 12th June – Friday 14th June
Wednesday 10th July – Friday 12th July
Wednesday 23rd July – Friday 26th July
Wednesday 14th August – Friday 16th August